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Avengers x child reader lift the hammer

Lift the hammer - Tony x Reader x Steve (Avengers 2: Age of Ultron) The Avengers all laid or were seated either down or on some couch. All well dressed, enjoying some relaxation time. Drinking and hav. . . 2017. 11. 1. · Fireworks (Bucky Barnes x Male!Reader One-Shot) It's the 4th of July, and Bucky's been a bit iffy about the whole day. By.

. It was like there was a gravitational pull between the two of you. You stretched, lifting your arms to the sky and arched your back. Bucky gulped, he swore you were the prettiest dame he had ever laid eyes on. ... Avengers x reader hypothermia. Sleep (Bruce x reader) Prompt: "I can sleep when I'm dead." Bruce takes off his glasses and rubs the.

Sep 19, 2015 · the bears-t [tadokoro jin x sick!gn!reader] One of the innumerable joys of dating the accurately nicknamed 'bear' of Sohouku was that, when cuddled in conjunction with a comfy blanket, he was the most comforting person you could have at your side.Pairing: Loki x. wyze cam v3 keeps restarting sukuna x crying reader bert chinese.

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Bucky stalked over, Sebastian turns his torso to look behind himself and shrugged "I'm losing my touch" Bucky mutters and turned to stalk off, you skipped after him and pulled his hand, dragging him towards Sebastian with a bright grin and Bucky trying to gently pry you off him. "Bucky this is Sebastian" you gesture.

Thor is smiling and laughing when he sees you trying your hardest. But his smile turns to surprise when he realises that you're actually lifting it. The others realise before you do. The hammer doesn't feel heavy anymore, and before you can even begin to process what is happening, you have Mjölnir in your hand. And, you drop it immediately.

Avengers Hulk Iron Man Thor Captain America Captain Marvel Black Widow Ant-Man Hawkeye Guardians of the Galaxy Download STL file Avengers Super Hero Coasters • 3D printing template ・ Cults Nov 04, ... Cisco Kid, Durango Kid, Gene Autry, Hopalong Cassidy, John Wayne, Johnny Mack Brown, Lash LaRue, The Lone Ranger, Rocky Lane, Roy Rogers, Tim.

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